Learn from the best

Our coaches are hand selected from the best. Whether you're wanting to improve game mechanics, develop your mental game, or simply join a community of like-minded athletes, we've got you covered. 

See improvements

Our academy training is designed to create the next wave of elite gamers. We will help you take your game to the next level.

Learn new strategies

We work with both game and mental performance coaches to make sure you're getting the best training possible, and from all angles. 

Grow your network

Gaming isn't just about being the best anymore. It's also about meeting new people and building a community, network, and reputation. We've got you covered.

Gain new tools

From game strategies to seminars to mental coaching, we've got a wide range of coaching that'll give you the tools necessary to reach the top

Meet our Partners

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What we offer

1-on-on coaching in:

- League of Legends

- Apex

- Fortnite


- Rocket League

- Overwatch

Mental performance and Skill Acquisition coaching

- Emotional control

- Attention and Focus training

- Goal setting planning

- Team culture/dynamics

- Optimal training zones

- Mindset: Practice vs Competition 

Theory and VOD training:

- Industry professionals to discuss topics such as:


Social media, including LinkedIn

Brand building & marketing yourself

Monthly Tournaments

- A chance to compete with and against your peers for ultimate glory, and to show off your improved gameplay

Game time training and structure:

- 1-hour of theory based training

- 2-hours of in-game coaching, where each athlete gets to test and improve their skills

Our program

8-week training package


Week 1: 

Introduction to the course

Week 2:

Mental Performance and Sport Psychology

In-game skill coaching

Week 3:

Macro strategies and understanding

Game time: Mechanics and skill training

Week 4: 

Macro strategies and team comps

Game time: Mechanics and skill training

Week 5:

Streaming, branding, and networking

Technical coaching for streams

Skill analysis follow-up's

Week 6:

Micro/individual skill mechanics

Game time: Mechanics/skill training

Week 7:

Cont. Micro/individual skill mechanics 

Game time: Mechanics/skill training

Week 8:

Graduation tournament of glory

Northern  Esports Academy

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2160 Steeles Ave W, Concord, ON  L4K 2Y7

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